Fisheries program

Agai Dicutta The Walker River Paiute Tribe has been in the process of developing a Fisheries Program. We have been participating with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and the Nevada Department of Wildlife on several different Lahontan Cutthroat Trout activities. The Tribe remains an active participant in the Walker River Recovery Implementation Team, and the Management Oversight Group.

The Fisheries Program continues to operate with funding through the Bureau of Reclamation to develop a fish hatchery on the Reservation. In the last year we have stocked fish into the river adjacent to Walker Lake that were raised from eggs in our offices. We are also in the process of working on an experimental acclimation facility that would be used by the USFWS, NDOW, and the Tribe. The temporary facility will require the Tribe to drill a well near Walker Lake that could develop into a Lake Operations facility for the Tribe.

The latest funding that was received through Congressional Appropriations by Senator Reid has increased the activities at Walker Lake and strengthened the Now That's Some Fishpartnerships to USFWS, NDOW, and the Tribe. Jointly we have implemented several projects on the lake. These include a survivorship study of tagged fish that are stocked in the lake, a planned tui-chub study, increased creel census, and our acclimation projects to increase survival rates.

The Fisheries Program continues to participate with the Water Team and the Tribal Council on Water Settlement issues. We have also been active in monitoring water conditions throughout the Reservation, the Walker River System, and Walker Lake. We continue in our efforts toward a Tribal Hatchery to enhance the fishery at Walker Lake for the enjoyment of future generations of Tribal Members, and the general public.

Walker River Paiute Tribe Fishing Regulations

Fishing Licenses are available at the Four Seasons Smokeshop

Fishing is open year around, at Walker Lake only. 1/2 hour before sunrise and 2 hours after sunset

All fishing on Reservation open March 1st - October 15th

No Personal Watercraft (Jet Skis)

The carrying of discharge of firearms within the recereation, camping or fishing areas is prohibited. Violators are subject to the immediate cancellation of your permit and confiscation of firearms
*Fishing and camping permits include day use
*Day Use hours are Sunrise to Sunset
*Camping hours are noon to noon
*No State license is required for fishing, just Tribal permit

*Boat Motors must be 10 horsepower or less
*Boaters must comply with Coast Guard safety
recommendations while operating a boat on Weber Dam,
Walker Lake or the Walker River Paiute Reservation
*Boaters must have an appropriate floatation device
for each person in the boat

*Three wheel ATVs, four wheel ATVs, and motorcycles shall
be operated in a safe manner
*ATVs shall have one rider per vehicle
*Riders under 16 years of age shall be closely supervised by
a resposible adult
*Helmets and appropriate safety gear shall be worn by those
operating an ATV/Motorcycle
*ATVs and motorcycles shall not be operated at speeds greater
than 10 miles per hour in areas occupied by campers or other recreational
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Bag Limits for Weber Reservoir and the Walker River are:
* 5 trout - any size
* 4 large mouth bass - 12 inches or bigger
* 5 catfish - 12 inches or bigger
* 5 crappie - 9 inches or bigger
* No limit on carp

Please feel free to contact:

Gerry Emm
Fisheries Director
(775) 773-2306 ext. 313

Dave Schildt
Fisheries Assistant
(775) 773-2306 ext. 314

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